R2J-9 Quran Competition Recitation Video Upload

Upload Guidelines:

  1. Please make sure your child introduces him/herself before the recitation by mentioning name, group and level.
  2. Please make sure the Video is recorded properly so that the video proves the participant’s memorization as well.
  3. Please complete your registration before uploading the video. Here is the Link: Quran Registration
  4. Maximum file size allowed is 500 MB.
  5. You can upload as many times as you want; previous uploaded videos will be replaced by new one.
  6. If you have any issues uploading the video here, you can upload to google drive and share the link with bgd.halaqa@gmail.com. In that case please mention your child’s name and group
  7. Please upload the video under your child’s name only.
  8. Please contact Br. Shafi (780-850-7423) if you are having any technical difficulties.
  9. Note: File upload may take longer time depending on file size. please do not close the browser.