Resources for Group E (Grade 7 to 9)

Competition Activity Competition Date Document/Topic
Islamic Knowledge Test March 31st, 2018
Quran Study(Quran Memorization & Quiz Competition) June 9th, 2018
Ramadan Activity June 9th, 2018
PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation guidelines: 7-10 Minutes Maximum Time
Evaluation Criteria Excellent Good Below Aberage/NI
Organization Information is presented in a logical sequence. Difficult to follow because presentation jumps around. No logical sequence of information.
Eye Contact Slides are used effortlessly to enhance speech. Speech could be effectively delivered without them. Perfect eye contact. Looks at slides to keep on track with presentation but maintains eye contact with audience most of the time. Relies heavily on slides or notes. Makes little eye contact with audience, may look primarily at slides.
Content Student demonstrates full knowledge. Student is somewhat comfortable with the information. Student does not have grasp of information.
Quality of Slides Readable, professional, imaginative and/or high quality. Readable and professional. Appropriate level of detail that emphasizes main points. Sloppy and/or unprofessional. Inappropriate level of detail (too wordy or too vague); font size too small for readability.
Mannerism Uses body language effectively (and naturally) to maintain audience’s interest. No distracting mannerism. Decent posture. Demonstrates one or more distracting mannerisms, which may include bad posture, shifting feet, etc.
Voice Quality & Pace Excellent delivery. Conversational, modulates voice well, projects enthusiasm, interest and confidence. Easy to understand, appropriate pace and volume. Delivery is mostly clear and natural. Demonstrates one or more of the following: mumbling, hard to understand English, too soft, too loud, too fast, too slow or “umms”.
September 15th, 2018 History and virtues of Masjid Al Aqsa